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Lee Gallon, Modbury's trusted building surveyor
Your building surveyor - Lee Gallon

"I am a specialist Chartered Building Surveyor and it's worth knowing that not all surveyors are alike! General practice surveyors and valuers are great, but they are unable to offer you the depth of knowledge that I can when it comes to a building's condition."

"Ultimately, a Chartered Building Surveyor's extra training and experience with diagnosing defects means that we can pick up on things that other surveyors might miss - this can help you avoid big repair bills further down the line."

A little background on Modbury:

Call on 01752 687 752 or 0800 880 6024

The name Modbury is a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon name, Moot Burgh. 'Moot' meaning either 'Mud' or 'Meeting', and 'Bury' meaning 'Fortified Enclosure'. The already small population of the town at the time was reduced greatly because of the Black Death (c.1346-1353).

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